Life of a dog

about 1 year ago
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The lockdown is most certainly getting to a lot of people. The feeling of sadness, especially among children is pretty visible now. But did you know that even your pets could be sad as their life has changed too?

There is this picture of a bull dog, named Big Poppa which has gone viral. It is shown sitting at the window, with such a sad expression, even someone who does not care for dogs would want to go and cheer him up!

Big Poppa in the picture is seen watching kids playing from his balcony and looking sad about not being able to join them. According to the owner, the dog loves children and it used to be his routine to go down and play with them in the evening.

Now locked indoor, he is not able to play with the kids in his building - his favourite activity. Separated from his friends, Big Poppa has been moping around the house in low spirits. 

See, how animals too are not different from us; they are most certainly more humane than us for sure!

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