Beyond farms and tractors...

about 10 months ago
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Punjab is soon to become the hub for electric mobility.

Electric mobility means all street vehicles that are powered by an electric motor and primarily get their energy from the power grid – in other words: can be recharged externally.

The World Economic Forum has particularly chosen Punjab for its pilot project as the state has an auto component manufacturing base. The state also has skilled labour, surplus of power and is in the process of framing an effective EV policy to support the adoption of e-vehicles.

Recently, electric three-wheeler manufacturer Republic Motors was also selected by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Land Ports Authority of India to provide electric vehicles (EV) for the Kartarpur Corridor. The Jalandhar-based EV company said that it would be providing six campus electric carts as a pilot and more as and when required.

We really, really hope this EV industry does take off in Punjab, where the youth can find employment, new-age skill sets will get developed and more importantly, maybe keep them away from drugs. Making people worthy, creating that sense of self-worth is what employment can do- that’s probably where all thinking should go.

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