Where is our innovation?

about 1 year ago
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We have so many “lists” these days – Happiness, Misery, Hunger, Richest and so on. But one list which we found particularly inspiring was the Innovation Cities Index. Innovation is something which we lack in our country, we only improvise. Thus in that context, this Index is very telling; maybe we can take a lessons or two. This index looks at cities which nourish start-ups and create that atmosphere for research and innovation.

The topper is New York, which has invested for cultivating over 7000 tech start-up, developing world-leading talent and expertise in disciplines like advanced manufacturing and robotics, cybersecurity, and health and life sciences.

Last year’s winner Tokyo slips into second, but retains its status as one of the world’s leading innovation hubs. The Japanese megacity is the home of robotics research and development, and is a pioneering centre for 3D manufacturing technology.

Other cities on the city are (in ranking order) London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Paris Chicago, BostonSan Jose and at 10th place is Toronto.

All around the world, enterprising start-ups and business giants are busy developing new ideas that could change the world. The Govt’s are providing the best framework and conditions for innovation to thrive. And where are we headed? Castism, religion based citizenship, curfews; we seem to have gone back in time instead of moving ahead. Wish our leaders look towards these cities and cultivate that culture of innovation and enterprise …..wishful thinking?

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