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about 2 months ago
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Tourism, at this moment is at a standstill due to Covid or else we humnas haven’t left any place, up in space and down in the sea unexplored. Every place is a place to visit with something unique to offer – either man-made or natural.

In this Greece is trying to use its history to the hilt. After exploring the pantheon on land, the country is now offering a unique tourist experience – an underwater museum.

People can scuba dive to wreck of an ancient ship that sank in the 5th century BC. This ship, which had to have been pretty big was carrying 3,000-4,000 amphoras, ancient storage devices which in this case were being used to transport wine. This wreck is at a depth of 21-28 meters.

This ‘diving’ site, located near the islet of Peristera off the island of Alonissos, will be open to diving enthusiasts from 3 August to 3 October, while non-diving tourists will be able to take a virtual tour at an information centre in Alonissos.

Isn’t this indeed a great out-of-the-box idea? Going down underwater to see a piece o ancient history – surely most of the bravehearted will make a go for it!

In India, only recently has the Govt started scuba diving along the waters off the coast of Dwarka and the island that is called 'Beyt Dwarka'. Go underwater and you can get to see some of the remains of the ancient Dwarka that were only recently excavated.

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