Innovation is key

about 1 year ago
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Every single industry is innovating, trying to adapt to this new situation. But can you imagine the textile sector also doing it?

Well, they too need to survive and going by the atmosphere in the country, have innovated – Grasim Industries, Ruby Mills, Donear and many more have launched fabrics which promise to keep the clothes virus-free.

Almost a month ago, Grasim had launched its “antimicrobial” textile fibre, which is used for making bed covers, curtains, and surgical masks used in hospitals as it contains agents that prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses. Grasim, for instance, injects the antimicrobial agent into fibres at the initial stage itself and the fibre lasts up to 50 washes.

Ruby Mills has developed a “H+ technology” and this has antimicrobial properties which can be used on a range of textiles like cotton and polyester when their fibres have already been processed.

Scientists are of the opinion that the virus does not spread through clothes but given the fear psychosis among people, these innovations will bring about a sense of security, dispel fears to some extent. So, who knows, this textile fabric might soon come under the ‘essential’ category.

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