One step ahead

about 1 year ago
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Japan seems to be key word in Punjab these days. The Govt of Punjab is lobbying hard with many Japanse companies and they are certain that many companies will soon come calling and invest big time in Punjab.

Land, power and other resources are things all states provide. But Punjab is going one step ahead – it has started training government school teachers in Japanese. In the first batch, 35 teachers from government schools in Ropar (Roopnagar), Fatehgarh Sahib and Mohali have been selected for the training. They will undergo 6 months’ training in Japanese and train others after clearing N4 and N5 levels of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test. Currently, the training will all happen online.

Among the 35 teachers whose names have been shortlisted, eight are math teachers, eleven are English language teachers, five are computer teachers and ten are social science teachers.

So the question – who will be teaching Japanese to these teachers? The Govt has arranged a teacher from Punjab Technical University (PTU), who is a qualified trainer in Japanese.

Now this is what we call being proactive and covering all grounds!

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