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about 3 days ago
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There is no election happening in Arunachal Pradesh and despite that a politician, walking miles to meet just 10 families?

Pema Khandu, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister, trekked 24 kilometres for nearly 11 hours in order to meet the residents of a remote village located at a height of 14,500 feet above sea level.

The 41-year old CM was accompanied by just one security officer and some villagers when he trekked through mountain terrains and forests to reach Luguthang village, 97 km from Tawang. He spent two nights there, amidst nature at its best and some of the simplest people on earth.

Luguthang has just 10 households and a population of 58. The village is mainly inhabited by Brokpas, a nomadic tribe, who are mainly engaged in yak rearing. They spend summer around the Himalayas in search of grazing grounds for their yaks and return back to lower ares during harsh winter.

His purpose of trekking to this village - to ensure that benefits of every flagship programme reaches the last man standing in forward areas.

Now even if there is some politics involved here, isn’t it great that the CM made this effort?

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