Learning to die

about 11 months ago
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Those in the spiritual path know that death is inevitable and the purpose of life is to rise beyond the body and understand that it is the only the body that dies, the soul remains eternal. In fact Ramana Maharshi, got his enlightenment by practicing to be dead; he realized the existence of prana is what keeps the body alive.

These thoughts come to mind when we read this news that some 25,000 South Koreans have attended their own funeral services at Hyowon Healing Center since it opened in 2012, hoping to improve their lives by simulating their deaths. From teenagers to retirees, all donned shrouds, took funeral portraits, penned their last testaments, and lay down in a closed coffin for around 10 minutes.

The idea is to become conscious of death so that you undertake a new approach to life.

Funeral company Hyowon began offering the living funerals to help people appreciate their lives, and seek forgiveness and reconciliation with family and friends.

Ironically, in 2016, as per WHO, South Korea’s suicide rate was 20.2 per 100,000 residents, almost double the global average of 10.53.

Well, death does teach you that happiness is now…

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