Optical illusion of logos

about 7 months ago
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The story of logos is so fascinating, they tell us much more than merely the name of the company.

Take a look at the FedEx logo- have you ever seen the arrow in the logo? Go back and see it; it will blow your mind away. Introducing a genuine arrow in the middle of letters is sheer genius.

Another brilliant logo is that of NorthWest Airlines, the one which was used from 1989 till 2003 when it was merged with Delta in 2008. Their logo had a circle and an arrow, which created a compass pointing, yes, to the NW, north west. More to it - the arrow, together with the "N," also creates a "W" that has part of its left leg removed.

Sometimes the hidden element blends so well into a logo design that they can only be seen if pointed out, such as the bear hidden in the Toblerone logo.

The principles of optical illusion that are used in these designs, he argues, are based on the psychology of vision and Gestalt theory, which explores the brain's ability to create whole forms from lines, shapes and curves.

You have any such logos to share?

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