Going bonkers over pets

about 7 months ago
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Those who have a pet, might not fund this entire extravagance to be anything out-of-the-ordinary but for those who do not own a pet, this entire thing about birthday celebrations is nothing short of being ludicrous.

So now the birthdays of pets have moved on beyond peanut butter and abundance of pet food. The trend nowadays is first giving the pet a spa, followed by a doggie house party. And there are special bakers who now make cakes specially for edible for the pets.

And yes, nothing “packaged” is also the trend; all pet birthday food is organic, with fresh ingredients like blueberry, strawberry, coconut flour, carrots and et al things healthy.

Pet saloons have also become an “in” thing where just like the humans heads to parlors with increased frequency, pets too are being pampered with these saloons.

Its great to love your pet, nothing higher than showing compassion and love to an animal but these things, somehow don’t make sense.

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