Singapore showing us the way

about 1 year ago
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Everyone city around the world is trying to do something or the other in their little way to reduce carbon emissions and take care of the environment. Our way might be CNG buses or solar panels but Singapore has come up with a fantastic new way.

Taking help from GWS Living Art, Singapore has installed green roofs on 10 public buses. Yes, right on the top of the bus roofs!

But it has been proven that green roofs are great at cooling buildings, reducing flood risk, slashing polluting emissions and providing spaces for nature to thrive.

This bus campaign in Singapore, known as "Garden on the Move" is part of a three-month study to test whether greenery can help lower the temperature inside the buses and reduce the amount of fuel needed to power the air-conditioning.

This is one of the campaigns being run by the country. It has undertaken the Green Mark Scheme which aims to make 80% of the buildings green by 2030. It is also running ‘Gardens by the Bay’, an eco-friendly garden featuring solar-powered supertrees and over 1,500,000 plants.

The small country aims to become a 'Garden City,' using green spaces to connect communities, enrich biodiversity and improve the climate.

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