Parenting is getting scary!

about 1 year ago
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We know that parenting in developed countries is very serious business and if parents are found to be too strict, which in today’s time is labelled as “abusive” they could also be arrested. Our grandparents and parents would have balked at the way the society has become now, no doubts on that!

Well, in Belgium, if you are a vegan and resent meat in the house, do not even think of converting your children to vegan; you could get arrested.

The Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium determined that veganism for kids is “unethical” because it can lead to health problems for growing children. Children can follow a vegan diet if it’s accompanied by medical supervision, regular blood tests, and vitamin supplements, Belgian pediatricians concluded. However, parents who don’t follow through on the additional requirements risk two years in prison, fines, and the possibility that their children will be removed from their homes if the kids do have associated health issues.

Well, in India, we thankfully have no such issues; maybe lets not talk about this much or else, we could soon see hooligans lynching parents who feed meat to their children!  

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