The most humane crew

about 1 year ago
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Irrespective of the current bad reputation of Air India, flying with the national carrier always leaves you feeling well looked after. Compared to Indigo and Spicejet, the seats are more spacious and food, it’s the best airline food. Yet despite all this, their notorious reputation for delays keeps it from soaring right to the top spot.

This thought came to mind when we read this piece about how the Air India crew went all out to help an elderly lady recover her passport bag she had forgotten at the security gate.

The lady was taking a connecting flight and in the hurry and anxiety, which happens to most elderly, she forgot the bag. She realized this only after all boarding was done. She alerted the crew and they immediately got out, looked for the bag and returned it to the lady. This could have happened only in Air India. Try doing that with the other carriers or Emirates; they will think you have gone mad and will merely placate by saying that they have alerted the ground staff.

Netizens are heaping praises on Air India for this gesture, many recounting their own similar experiences and somewhere it has struck a right cord. Most of the airlines are today so impersonal and simply do not care. Thus in such times, such kind gestures warm the heart. It could have been your mom or mine, which is also why no one minded the delay it caused.

So despite the delays, Air India crew remains the most humane. As Pritish Nandy rightly said, “There is something special about Air India but we have lost sight of it since it started making losses. So much so it lost confidence in itself as well.”

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