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about 6 months ago
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The Air India crew is doing its job just like a doctor or grocer. Isn’t it very shameful and unfortunate that they are being harassed?

The situation got so bad that while we were thanking everyone from our balconies ringing bells and clapping hands, Air India had to put out an SOS: ‘Please stop harassing our crew. They are serving the country too.’

Air India said in a statement, “It is alarming to note that in many localities, vigilante Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and neighbours have started ostracising the crew, obstructing them from performing their duty or even calling in the police, simply because the crew travelled abroad in the course of their duty.”

Air India has said that it has used the highest standards of safety to protect the crew and their wellbeing for each and every fight they have undertaken to fly to cities affected with COVID-19 with all essential and non-essential measures to arrest the spread of coronavirus amongst crew and passengers.

The crew is serving the country selflessly, like doctors and nurses and others out in the field and really, this is not the way to treat them.

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