The power of an IAS

about 12 months ago
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This is the power of a district administrator – if this IAS officer sets his/her mind for bringing about a change, it can transform India. That’s the power they have; sadly, it is not seen shining too often.

But this IAS officer, Ashish Thakre does shine bright – posted in Odisha’s Keonjha, he has set an amazing precedent by deciding to replace all plastic bowls, bottles and cutlery in the collectorate with sustainable alternatives made out of sal leaves – an abundant forest resource in the region. Moreover, the local tribal women are being roped in to handcraft the sal leaf plates, thus empowering them with a new source of income.

In order to promote the use of thee eco-friendly sal leaves plates, the DM found his collectorate the best place to kick off the project. In addition to the sal plates, the employees of Thakre’s office were also instructed to bring their own water bottles to office everyday.

Interestingly, under Ashish Thakare’s supervision, the Keonjhar collectorate, to ease the household responsibility of tribal women working for livelihood, free creches have also been opened where the women can keep their children safe while they are at work. 

Now how we wish every DM worked like Thakre….

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