Learning from the Japanese

about 2 years ago
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It’s a pity that most of the developing countries want to emulate USA or UK but why not Japan, which has some of the most unique and baffling ways of life. Taking in even some of them will go such a long way in making life around us so beautiful.

Did you know that in Japan:

When bus drivers were on strike, they did not stop work but continued driving their routes while refusing to take fares from the passengers. Now isn’t this the best way to make the Govt sit up and take notice?  The bus drivers not only cost the bus companies the cost of fuel but also caused them loss of revenue. All this while causing no inconvenience to the passengers.

We only talk about water scarcity but do nothing about it. In Japan many toilets have a wash basin right over the commode, where the water you use to wash your hands, drains into the commode water tank, which is reused for flushing.

And this is something which all most certainly need to learn – to queue up. Who can forget the images of the Japanese queueing up patiently to collect food packets and other things when the tsunami destroyed everything. There was no pushing and shoving, just waiting patiently.  The Japanese line up for buses, trains, restaurants and even shops. They wait patiently for long periods of time. Kids learn very early on, as early as kindergarten to queue up. The Japanese believe that the simple act of queuing up teaches one self-discipline, co-operation and respect.

Well, as we always say, the Japanese are like someone from another planet! Wish we all could strive to inculcate these habits.  Imagine ever needing a “Swachcha” campaign in Japan!

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