Kudos to the principal!

about 2 years ago
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The entire tourism landscape of Leh might have undergone a change after the Hindi movie, 3 Idiots. The place is now so inundated with tourists, especially, irresponsible and insensitive ones that many locals have begun cursing the movie makers!

The school, Druk Padma Karpo in Leh has faced a lot of nuisance with everyone wanting to come in for a peek; mainly for a selfie to boast that they too had been there. There was a wall there at the school which became famous due to scene in the film - Chatur, tries to urinate on it and gets electrocuted by an ingenious invention of school children. The school later painted it as the 'Rancho Wall' which became a picture spot for tourists.

But the nuisance value has gone up so much that the school has decided to raze it down and ban entry of tourists as the authorities feel it is becoming a distraction for students. Sadly, thanks to the tourists, also every day the campus was being reduced to a litter ground – the worst collateral damage of tourism.

This is indeed the perfect decision. Kudos to the school principal for being bold enough and putting the interest of the school and the children ahead of tourism. This is a very rare trait and we applaud the principal for this! The principal is a man of principles alright!

When tourists behave like idiots, the locals need to get smarter and show they the door!

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