Wish all teachers were like this....

about 2 years ago
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The word ‘teacher’ evokes so many memories and feelings. Be it your school or yoga or art or any teacher, somehow, the only feeling which surfaces is that of gratitude. Maybe in today’s time, especially in cities, children are not able to form that bond with teachers but yet, there are so many inspiring teachers all around the world.

Two days ago one such teacher was recognized. There is a science teacher from rural Kenya, who gives away 80% of his salary to to support pupils, at the Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School in Pwani Village, Nakuru, who otherwise could not afford uniforms or books.

He has won a $1m prize for the world's best teacher.  Peter Tabichi, a member of the Franciscan religious order, won the 2019 Global Teacher Prize.

His motto in life - wants pupils to see "science is the way to go" for their future ahead. African schools, public schools have the same challenges that we have – low ratio of teacher to pupils, lack of reliable internet and many children in rural India, even today, walk miles to reach their classrooms. But Peter says he is determined to give them a chance to learn about science and to raise their horizons.

It’s a blessing to have a teacher like this; after all it is the teacher who makes us into a human being. We wish all teachers were like Peter, not giving away their salaries but at least working towards inspiring students to dream big and reach for the sky.

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