A big salute!

about 2 years ago
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Rajeev Sadanandan, a former top Kerala health department official is truly an unsung hero of these troubled times.

He is the brain behind the various proactive measures which were taken by the Kerala Govt to curb the Nipah virus in 2018. His expertise is once again being put to use in the state where ‘disease detectives’ are at work.

This is a band of locals who take the effort to find out the patient’s acquaintances who has tested positive. Literally, like a crime scene, they back track all the activities and visits he/she made over the past few days. They trace the people who came in contact with the infected person, could be a vegetable vendor or a Swiggy delivery boy or even a neighour. They trace out hundreds of such people and thus help prevent further spread of the deadly virus.

These detectives have been on the ground for the last few days, working in shifts and keeping the work going round the clock, doing the legwork needed to trace contacts of people who test positive for Covid-19.

Salute to these people!

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