A land of and by immigrants only!

about 2 years ago
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There is a research from the Center for American Entrepreneurship which Donald Trump needs to look at; not that any credible reading would make a difference!

Their new research shows that for all the rhetoric about how immigrants were running their country, the truth is that, but for the immigrants, the country would not be the super power that it is today.

Among the Fortune 500 firms in USA, in 2017, 43% were founded by an immigrant or the child of an immigrant. And the companies started cover all industries – high-tech is the highest at 45%, followed by wholesale/retail at 37%, Finance and insurance at 26%, industrials at 23%, Consumer goods at 20%, energy at 19%, transportation and logistics at 18%, business services at 14%, Media and entertainment at 9% and health care at 5%.

These include iconic companies such as PepsiCo, DuPont, and Colgate, started by European arrivals more than a century ago. And some of the best companies are founded by children of immigrants – Steve Jobs of Apple is the son of a Syrian immigrant, Google’s Sergey Brin’s father is Russian born; one of Netflix founders, Marc Randolph is the son of an Austrian immigrant and biotech firm Celgene was started by the son of a German immigrant, Sol Barer.

So for Trump to say NO to immigrants is unfair; in fact isn’t the country a land of immigrants only; the true natives are relegated to running casinos and leading a life of drunkenness.

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