Every idea will sell...

about 3 years ago
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If you are living in and around Byculla or Reay Road in Mumbai, there is now way you could not have heard about Magazine Street Kitchen.

Taking its name from the street on which it is located, this is a sprawling 2500-sq.feet industrial space, with the red bricks intact. It is Mumbai’s first co-cooking space. It serves as a multi-use venue for masterclasses, workshops, group events, intimate dinners and other community cooking initiatives. 

The brainchild of the owners of Colaba restaurant The Table, Gauri Devidayal and husband Jay Yousuf, along with head chef Alex Sanchez, the palce has several cooking stoves, a bakery, pantry and freezer on the lower level. There is a short staircase that leads to the floor above — where a dining space seats around 40 people and glass windows provide the perfect view of the kitchen below. Though the kitchen isn’t used every day, the bakery, Magazine Street Bread Co., creates fresh goods daily and supplies them to other outlets and cafes across the city.

The idea is indeed very new and the setting is perfect.  They have created a modern cooking space in an old industrial warehouse, which means that while cooking, people get a sense of what this building used to be, and also have the best equipment to work with. 

Every idea will sell as long as you know how to sell it!

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