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about 3 years ago
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LinkedIn is probably one of the most popularly used “employment” websites around the world. It is actually a social networking website aimed at professionals, allowing members to contact past and current colleagues, look for a new job, uncover new business opportunities and network with experts within a particular industry. So when it is so clued in about jobs, its word on what jobs sell the most make a huge impact.

Last week, LinkedIn put out a report on USA’s emerging jobs for 2017 and it brought to naught that time-tested engineers, doctors pursuit. The report states clearly that a lot of new professions have emerged. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately hold jobs that don’t yet exist.

Based on its data bank of five years, LinkedIn has stated that Tech remains the king - obs with the top growth potential are tech-focused, with demand coming from tech and non-tech companies alike. Machine learning engineer, data scientist, and big data engineers rank among the top emerging jobs.

Demand for sales development representative, customer success manager, and brand partner is also on the rise and ranks among the top emerging jobs at companies where a technical background is not a necessity.

Jobs with high mobility are on the rise and licensed realtors ranked highly. Data scientist roles have grown over 650 percent since 2012, but currently 35,000 people in the US have data science skills, while hundreds of companies are hiring for those roles - even those you may not expect in sectors like retail and finance - supply of candidates for these roles cannot keep up with demand.

The bottomline - some of these emerging skills didn’t even exist five years ago, and many professionals are not confident their current skill set will be relevant within the next 1-2 years.

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