A new identity

about 7 months ago
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For the new emerging British, the new blue passport is the first identity in a non-EU time.

The UK Govt unveiled the new passport – its gone back to the dark blue color from the burgundy that it was when it aligned with the EU. This makes it the 81st country in the world which has a blue color passport.

It is very similar the one during the British empire introduced in 1921: It reads “British Passport” on the top, has the country’s coat of arms at the center, and underneath spells “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.” It is the first certifiable carbon neutral passport.

Ironically, a few opponents of Brexit were quick to point out that it was designed by a French/Dutch company, Gemalto and made in Poland. Gemalto will continue to hold a contract to make UK passports for 10 years.

The passport has changed; wonder how the travel arrangements will work out to Europe and other countries post this new ‘British Passport.’

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