An ode to vegetarianism!

about 1 year ago
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Do you know where one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in the world is? Well, of all the places, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Haus Hiltl is over 100 years old and serves, everyday, 100-dish buffets which includes vegetarian and vegan dishes from all over the world.

This restaurant also figures out in the Guinness World Records as the oldest continuously run vegetarian restaurant. Its touted to be a healthy indulgence and was founded in 1898 and currently run by the fourth generation of Hitl family. It offers India, Asian, Mediterranean and Swiss veggies delights.

The story how the restaurant was founded is pretty interesting – a travelling German tailor named Ambrosius Hiltl with a bad bout of rheumatism and was advised to stay off meat and eat only vegetarian. There was only one place in Zurich giving vegetarian food –Vegetarierheim and Abstinence-Café. Not only did Ambrosius fall in love with the vegetarian dishes, which he claimed led him to a rapid recovery, but also with the woman making them. He jumped at the chance to take over ownership of the ailing restaurant in 1904; married the cafe’s cook, Martha Gneupel, shortly after; and renamed the place Haus Hiltl.

Well, another story of enduring vegetarianism!

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