Beginningof a new movement?

about 2 years ago
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Urban farming is a concept slowly but surely gathering some momentum in Delhi.

Urban and farming – sounds oxymoronic but it happening. Those concerned about eating organic vegetables and fruits are the ones leading this movement. Even the so-called organic veggies that we get; how can we know for certain that it is indeed grown organically? And that’s how this concept took roots.

Some 60-80 professionals have taken farms on lease and they are growing their own organic produce. Most of them are a part of part of Green Leaf India, a community of about 80 urban organic farmers in Gurgaon who have rented 52 farms, where they grow everything, from tomatoes to potatoes, for their kitchen. The district horticulture department has helped them rent the land from farmers and provides the technical know-how. There is another organization which helps them - Organic Maati. This helps them set up organic farms and also subleases farmland it takes on lease from farmers. There is another company, Edible Routes, which helps set up such organic farms.

How much does this cost? Every individual in the community has a 600-yard farm for which they contribute Rs28, 000 every six months, including the cost of seeds and the salaries of nine labourers they have hired to help them. The community pays Rs.60,000 per acre per annum as rent to the land owners. Isn’t this a great way for us city dwellers in high rises to get back to our roots and teach our children the true value of land?

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