Your conscience is your charioteer

about 2 years ago
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Once in a while you come across something which makes you stop and ponder and look at where we ourselves are heading. The opening of this new restaurant in Kerala is one such thing.

On 3rd March, a new eatery opened at Pathirapally in Kerala’s Alappuzha district, Janakeeya Bhakshanasala (The People’s Restaurant). What’s unique about this place?  It serves three meals a day, completely free of charge! The restaurant is equipped with a modern steam kitchen that can prepare food for up to 2,000 people. The two-floor eatery also has a waste management plant and a water treatment plant.

How it works is – you can go in and eat; you are not expected to pay at all but if you want, you can contribute, whatever you think fit to the donation box kept there; it could be Rs.10 or Rs100; whatever you mind tells you. It is this money which will be used to fund other meals for those in need.

Outside the restaurant, on a 2.5-acre plot, an organic farm has been set up, to provide vegetables to the restaurant. The farm will be open to all customers to buy produce, thus generating additional revenue to run the restaurant.

The People’s Restaurant has been set up by Snehajalakam, a pain and palliative care unit associated with the Communist Party of India. This hunger-free project will be emulated across Kerala.

Now isn’t this some great food for thought – where the concept is goodness driven by your conscience; no money or any other transaction benefit.  Wish more states emulate this; isn’t this what our leaders should strive to do rather?

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