Dont know about Covid??

about 1 year ago
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You wonder whether there is anyone on earth today who does not know about Covid and there are you cannot help but think how blissful their lives would be.

Actually, there is a set of people who do not know the turmoil the world is going through – those working in submarines. Though a few submarines, one in Russia and one in Germany came up on port have been quarantined, many others who are still underwater, do not know yet.

These mariners are usually never told about bad news while underwater to avoid causing mental anxiety and push down their morale. Their job as such is pretty tough and claustrophobic. So most of the crew, world over, if they have left port before the virus spread around the globe are likely being kept in the dark about the extent of the rapidly unfurling crisis by their commanders until their return.

Since there is no internet, no radio and no television on board, the only news they get comes from messages received by the commander, and the commander filters the messages.

Well, they are probably in the safest places right now and if underwater, this news as such would be of no use to them.

Obviously, news of submarines itself is top secret but it is known that these missions usually last for around 60-70 days. If there are some who have left land and are underwater since end of Feb, they will come back up in April, to a very changed world.

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