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about 3 years ago
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If you own a hotel and have another company making car, another company making salt and another company making steel, surely you will ensure that your hotel uses the same car for transporting guests of the hotel, use the same steel for building the hotel and also use the same salt in all the food made.

And that is what the Tata group company does. Apart from using the Tata cars to ferry the guests in the hotel, surely it must be Tata salt which must be used in their kitchens. Tata Indicom Wifi is used as the internet service provider in the hotels and so are Tata phones. Apart from a blend of other tea brands from world over, Tata Tea is also the brand of tea served to guests. Ditto for Tata Coffee. The preferred airconditioner used is Voltas. Now we hear that apart from using the luxurious Jaguar cars to ferry VIP and special guests to and from the airports, and other places they need to visit, Indian Hotels is also using the Nano also the vehicle for the guests. Given the kind of interest it has generated all over the world, surely, guests would be piqued to be riding this world famous car. And not forget, all the software used around all Tata companies would be coming from TCS! And yes, pure drinking water too from Tata Chemicals ‘Swach” and ‘Himalayan’ brand of water.

This is known as ‘complete synergy’.

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