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about 3 years ago
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In India we are currently seeing  a lot of young people setting up their own companies. The spirit of entrepreneurship was never so high. And while its great for all to aspire to become a Bill Gates or Zuckerberg, sometimes it is essential to pay heed to some of their words of advice too.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook was asked by a small 8th grade school girl as to how he kept his head up during the tough times of early Facebook days.

Zuckerberg had the perfect advice, “No person knows how to deal with everything. But if you can find a team of people, or friends, or family — and there will be different people over time because different people like to focus on different problems or different scales of the problems — then that’s what’s really going to get you through, that’s what’s gotten me through and that’s what continues to get me through all the stuff that we have. Yeah, you don’t have to be superhuman, you have to just kind of keep on going and not do it alone and find people who share your passion for what is the important thing in the world”.

And these were the exact same sentiments expressed by Linkedin co-founder, Reid Hoffman. He too said the same thing but in a different tone. “What great founders do is seek the networks that will be essential to their task…Usually it’s best to have two or three people on a team, rather than a solo founder,” Hoffman said.

Indeed great advice from people who are the beacons of inspiration for today’s youth.

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