Facebook as martimony site?

about 2 years ago
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Ranjish Manjeri, a 34-year-old photographer from Manjeri in Malappuram district in Kerala might have just given Facebook a new source of revenue!

Manjeri has been trying very hard for years now to get married. He has tried all the available marriage websites, network of relatives and all other available avenues. But somehow, nothing ever clicked. Exasperated, he put this on this Facebook page - A marriage has not been fixed for me yet. If you know anyone, please let me know. I’m 34 years old. I will need to see the person and like her. I have no other conditions. Job: Professional Photographer . Hindu. Caste is not an issue. My family includes my father, mother and a married sister.

Since then, which was 28th July to be more precise, he has collected over 4000 shares, 1000 comments and 16,000 reactions. He had put his phone number too and that has been ringing incessantly. He is now getting proposals not only from India but from Australia, Saudi, USA, Bahrain. Even foreign girls have evinced interest.

Manjeri’s marriage dream might finally become a reality but surely Zuckerberg needs to look at this new avenue which has opened up. Indeed social network is the best way to find an alliance – in olden days, the word-to-mouth network through parents, relatives and priests was used; today it is replaced by the virtual world’s network.

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