Flying tall and high!

about 3 years ago
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Have you ever wondered how animals are flown from one country to the other?

We are not talking about cats and dogs but the long legged and long necked giraffes. Not one or two but all 66 of them!

They were flown from Johannesburg, South Africa, to the Henan province in China for a zoo, on an Air Moldova chartered flight. And how were they fitted in? All 66 of them were first sedated and then loaded onto a custom made container. Even the plane was built special – it had a height of nine feet which made transporting these long animals much easier.

All the giraffes were aged only around two and being “kids” they were yet to fully grow; all of them were of 6 to 6.5 feet height while a full grown adult giraffe gets 20 feet long.

It was a long 20-hour journey and once they reached their destination, all of them had a health check-up. All 66 of them are currently quarantined for 45 days in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan. 

Talk about flying high and tall!

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