The "leader" of fake news

about 3 years ago
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Fake news is a menace. And as we have seen over the past few months, Russia probably leads the pack of this fake news.

Russian media has been reporting widely that the 2018 calendars, which carry various pictures of Vladimir Putin in various poses have been selling out like hot cakes! So much so that the report said that these calendars were sold out within a few hours of its launch. The Russian newspaper claims that in UK, these Putin calendars are very fashionable, causing great excitement among local residents!

The truth is that one is not able to locate a single shop which actually sells these calendars and online sales were very limited.

When the calendar was launched, the British media did carry the news with a picture of Putin but they can be called as positive news. In fact it was branded as being “hilarious.” None of the 10 top calendar sellers in the UK reported of even stocking this calendar.

What is the need for this fake news? The need to get approval from foreigners is so desperate that they even make up the news? But seriously, making the President a calendar boy? Which leader in their right mind does that!!

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