Goa taxis and their dadagiri

about 1 year ago
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All those who have travelled within Goa will know the dent made in the pockets by the taxis there. Having a veritable hold over the neck of the state, the taxis are today trying to choke the state to death.

The taxis have been on a strike for four days now. And they are protesting the entry of  government-backed app-based cab service called GoaMiles. Their contention is that this app is hurting their business and must be shut down. The government has stuck to its guns so far, saying that the service benefits tourists. It has offered to support a competing app, if the taxi unions come up with one.

That’s great! The way the taxis have been ripping tourists off is deplorable. They have managed to keep away Ola and Uber off Goa and now they want this app also to go. For how long can they continue to exploit people, ripping them off with expensive fares? Holding people to ransom by blocking cheaper alternatives should not be allowed.

Hope the Govt does not bend to this motley lot of taxis and teach them a lesson to change with the time.

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