Growing under water problem

about 2 years ago
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A huge problem is growing under the North Pacific sea. A problem, obviously, grown by us. So much trash has been dumped that the mound/patch of rubbish has today grown to the size of France!

And then comes this surprise demand from LadBible, a news and entertainment publication, which is actually campaigning for this patch of rubbish to be recognized as an official country. Yes, you read it right; no typo error this! Another similar patch is taking shape on the South Pacific and by 2050, ocean plactic will outweigh all fish.

A huge campaign is on and the logic is that this Great Pacific Garbage Patch has all things which make it into a country – a territory and moves are afoot to create a Govt and institutions for interacting with each other. Ex-US vice president Al Gore has already signed up as the country’s first citizen and more than 100,000 are signing the petition to be granted citizenship.

This campaign has submitted its application earlier this month to the United Nations to recognize the Trash Isles as the world’s 196th country. So much so that, designer Mario Kerkstra helped create a flag, a passport, currency (called debris), and stamps.

The objective is to highlight this growing problem on earth as ocean plastic is killing marine life faster than we thought. The idea sounds ridiculous but that’s the aim – to show how ridiculous we are getting with our garbage.

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