Who writes a letter any more?

about 2 years ago
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Really, who picks up a pen actually writes today? It has become a rare sight to see one pen down things in the notebook (not children) and even rarer to actually receive a handwritten letter. Thus in this midst to hear that Indians are developing a love for expensive pens and even exclusive notebooks sound so ridiculous!

Yes, it seems Indians are currently the best customers when it comes to stationery. The Japanese brand, MUJI has said that its stationery has become the number one selling category across its three stores in the country, what with its colourful gel pens, austere looking notebooks and planners and all come at a pretty hefty price tag.

The demand for quality stationery is so much that it has led to the cropping up of various desi brands and some exclusive “paper” boutiques too!

So what we are seeing now is that the ubiquitous stationery is being sold as a life style product or even as a souvenir. The idea is that paper and pen is being sold as something which one should carry, use or no use is irrelevant. Of course we agree that we live in a mad, mad, mad world!

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