How tall is tall?

about 4 months ago
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Today morning, a Chinese survey team became the first and perhaps only group to climb Mt. Everest this year, which is part of a project to remeasure the exact height of the world’s tallest mountain. According to China’s measurement the height of Mount Everest is 8844.43 meters which is four meters less than Nepal’s calculations.

A 53-member team from China’s Ministry of National Resources has been conducting scientific work on Everest since early March. China’s network of Beidou satellites is being used in the survey to determine the mountain’s current height and natural resources. They summited from the Tibetian side the Nepal Govt has shut down all climbing this season.

China has conducted six major surveys of the mountain, known in China as Qomolangma – its height was registered at 8,848.13 meters (29,029 feet) in 1975 and 8,844.43 meters (29,017 feet) in 2005.

Chinese tech firm Huawei is working with China Mobile to build two 5G stations on Mount Everest.  The stations are expected to cover the summit of the mountain. The two installations will be the world's highest terrestrial 5G base stations. Sad when even the remotest and most inhabitable places on earth become victims of development.

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