Simple living is high living

about 1 year ago
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Sometimes, the most profound life lessons come from some of the most simple and humble people around us. Because they see life simplistically, black and white, and because they lead a sparse but enriching life, they probably see life it should be seen – crystal clear.

Those who probably summit the Everest and never get even a mention are the Sherpas. Walking with a ton of weight on their backs, while guiding the client and looking at oneself to tread carefully, they probably see life and death the closest.

One such guide, Nurbo has a few lessons for those climbing high peaks, not just Everest.

First, “bistari, bistari” which means slowly. The Everest guide, Nurbo says, its best to go through your day slowly, slowly. It’s a common mantra on trekking trails, where signs warning of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) greet visitors at every checkpoint.

For first-time trekkers – what you don’t need, don’t carry. Forget pajamas; when you overnight in frigid, unheated teahouse guest rooms, you’ll end up sleeping in all your clothing.

No smoking, no alcohol and a simple meal is what helps preserve your abilities in the long run. Irrespective of the choices, Nurbo says, even when faced with multiple choices,“Dal bhat, dal bhat, dal bhat. Always dal bhat.”

Nurbo says, “phone home, even when on a mountain.” He does not put his life and that of his dependents at risk, merely to help someone clock a summit; he takes people only till the Everest Base camp – he has been there 30 times in his 25 years on earth.

Words of wisdom – always, always save for later – your retirement is crucial.

Extrapolate all of Nurbo's words of wisdowm to life... it will make a lot of sense.

Quite a somber note to start post all the Diwali celebrations, isn’t it?

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