The 'tallest' pile of garbage?

about 1 year ago
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It is such a big shame that we humans do not leave even the mighty Everest free from our garbage.

To claim the title of having climbed the tallest mountain in the world, people are actually turning Everest into a huge garbage pile, strewn with rubbish, human waste and even bodies.

But a huge dedicated and very hard working team of volunteers have taken it upon themselves to clean up Everest. Operating under, Everest Cleaning Campaign, they have collected 3 metric tonnes of garbage in just two weeks of clean up. Their aim is 10 metric tonnes in 45 days.

An army helicopter has assisted in removing the garbage, and the team is set to ascend to higher camps to collect more. The team has now reached the base camp.

Those in charge of the cleanup have another problem to deal with: climate change, which is melting snow on the mountain quicker and exposing an increasing number of dead bodies. 

Surely Everest must be cursing itself for being the tallest on earth!

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