Just stand up!

about 2 years ago
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Today, most of our diseases can be blamed on our life style, the fact that we eat more calories than required and do not burn as much as required. Life has become mostly about sitting down in front of a computer, slaves to our offices and work.

And this is a malaise not just India-centric but all across the world. But Time magazine has found a very easy cure – no bone paining exercising or hateful diets, the advice is simple – just stand up more often. Best would be if one could more around or walk more but when that is not possible, the advice is to simply stand more often and longer.

The West has already worked out a solution, which is a standing desk or treadmill desk. The objective is stand for around three hours a day for five days and you could burn around 750 calories per working 5-day week. In fact there are many offices where there are special height-adjustable desks where when can have a normal desk while sitting and when standing, can pull it to suit the height of standing and working with ease. There is a company in Bangalore, Ergotron, which already supplies such standing desks.

Good idea but would be better if we could eat less and work on our feet more, do regular exercises; a

regular morning walk is also more than enough! But the objective common to all – get off your butt!

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