Lets play, not just cricket all the time!

about 2 years ago
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Do you know who Sunil Chhetri is?

He is one of the greatest footballers that India has ever produced and he is the captain of the Indian football team. Bet majority of the people do not know this…

We all waste so much time on only one sport – cricket. IPL just went on and on. And no one needed to be urged to have back-to-back late nights for two months.

Thus it sounds so bad that Chhetri had to make a plea on his social media accounts, urging fans to come support the Blue Tigers at the stadiums at every possible opportunity. The match between India  and Kenya happened yesterday.

He had to do this because there were exactly 2,569 people watching the earlier match that too most were an organised group called ‘Blue Pilgrims’. This was a match  between India and Chinese Taipei – India thrashed Taipei and won 5-0. But did we all care?  India’s ranking in FIFA improved to 97 – once again most of us did not know.

Thankfully after Chhetri’s heart felt plea, urging people to come to see the match, the stadium was full and despite pouring rains, people stayed and watched.

Wonder when this fixation for just one game will end and other sports and sportsmen will also be celebrated for their greatness.

BTW, we won the match yesterday and India will now face New Zealand on June 7, also in Mumbai. The Intercontinental Cup is a preparation tournament for the 2019 Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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