Not so spoilt after all!

about 2 years ago
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For once, Indians can teach the Chinese a few things or two when it comes to wealth and how the “rich spoilt brats” should behave. Bloomberg did a research and found out that the children of the very rich billionaires are amongst the worst behaved and the most hated in the country. The Chinese President urged them to “behave after becoming affluent and also think about where their wealth comes from.”

But its very heart warming to now that in India, the rich kids are not only well behaved, well educated but also more giving, more so than their parents. For these kids, money is a way of life but they also know that respect does not come from money alone; it is no longer about displaying your affluence and money, it is today  more about how your wealth is being used for the good of the society through philanthropic activities. The co-relation is pretty direct – more the wealth, more the social good which in turn means more respect.

At the same time, this generation also believes that the old adage – the left hand should not know what the right hand does, should be done away with. Their perception is that unless people know what those with money can do, how can they inspire others to follow? Surely there would be many “rich brats” who would behave badly but on a majority, the finding is that the new generation rich and affluent is more caring and want to give back to the society.

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