Rocco the rockstar!

about 2 years ago
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 Mischevious parrots are making headlines too often! A few days ago it was about one parrot which left netizens rolling in laughter after a video went viral , showing how it refused to allow a firefighter to rescue it; going on to verbally abuse him, leaving everyone in splits!

And now there is this other parrot which has gone on to place multiple orders on Amazon, using the voice-activated personal assistant, Alexa.

This is an African grey parrot, named Rocco, which has super talent when it comes to mimicking voices. Thus it was not very hard for Rocco to use his talent to order goodies from the e-commerce company.

Fortunately, due to the parental lock on the owner’s Amazon account, Rocco’s attempted purchases were thankfully not successful.

Rocco does not just order things, the parrot is so well versed with the virtual assistant that he uses it to make conversations, play music, tell jokes and more.

Wow! And we thought parrots were such dumb birds!

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