The human tragedy continues

about 2 years ago
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We are comfortably ensconced in our homes and lead a fairly secure life. But the life of an immigrant or the asylum seekers is heart wrenching. They are merely floating, belonging nowhere. With no roots, how does one settle down and grow at all?

Thus one more story of these asylum seekers truly baffled us, making us wonder what kind of a world are we living in? The asylum seekers have black markers on their hands, numbers written, reminding one of the Holocaust days. During World War II, prisoners who arrived at Auschwitz were tattooed with a serial number so officials could identify those who died. The numbered tattoos have become some of the most prominent and easily visible evidence of the dehumanization of Jewish and other minority prisoners during the war.

In this age of AI and robots, nothing much has changed while so much around us has changed. The asylum-seekers on the US-Mexico border have numbers written in black ink on their arms - it represents his place in line at the border.

A representative of advocacy group Casa del Migrante said that the numbers create order for migrants. Staff and volunteers with Casa del Migrante offer migrants the option of writing down their number on a slip of paper or on their arm so they have their number.

A woman and her 10-year old daughter traveled for three weeks to get to Juarez. The numbers written on their arm -- 2142 and 2143 -- are in ink and are not tattoos. Yet, somehow, doesn’t this make you really uncomfortable?

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