Scoring marks is not equal to success

about 2 years ago
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This is a very trying time for students and parents of children who had appeared for the Board or HSC and SSC exams. Its result times and some have done very well while many have not. It is the ‘have not’ which is worrisome as we hear more and more stories of suicides. Children today are not able to handle failure due to mounting social pressure to perform – not just from parents but from peers and the need to post all things good on the social media.

Standup comedians have been doing their bit to bring humour to these students and help them get over this blip. All India Bakchod (AIB), one of the most popular comic groups, asked its viewers to share their experiences of not doing well in exams and still getting it right later in professional life.

Over 77,600 people liked AIB’s post, which also got more than 1,000 comments. “Scored 59 in my exams. Much less than everyone around me. But now I’m the youngest person in the world to be part of an elite expedition team researching Anacondas in the Amazon rainforest,” 17-year-old aspiring herpetologist Saish Solankar commented on AIB’s post. “Marks don’t matter. Exposure does.”

Really, this is an area where the media, celebrities need to come out and say how they did so well in life despite not-so-good academics. Marks are important but are not the only passport to a successful life.

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