We too should have a 'blacklist'

about 2 years ago
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We had written earlier too about China deals with its unruly air and train passengers. It has made something known as the ‘Passenger blacklist’. The list was released on 1st June and it included names of 86 passengers who are now banned from flying for a year.

There are various reasons why they get into this list – the Chinese have released a list of nine reasons:

  • Bringing banned items on board such as lighters, knives, tear gas, electroshockers, handcuffs, and bullets (70% of the barred list)
  • Using other people’s IDs to take flights
  • Picking quarrels on the plane
  • Disobeying cabin orders
  • Smoking on the plane
  • Making up and spreading terror information
  • Forceful boarding, intercepting an aircraft, intruding on the pilot cabin, runway, or apron
  • Hindering or inciting others to hinder boarding and security checks, or attacking others
  • Steal people’s belongings in the cabin

When it came to train travel, the reasons mainly included smoking and traveling without tickets.

Now isn’t this something we also could probably do? We have more than our share of unruly travelers and mainly the politicians.

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