Balrampur Chini - Media calling it Debt Ridden Company

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Balrampur Chini, a cash rich, debt free company, is labelled as Debt ridden, by few TV Anchors.

Reason, because company had finance cost of Rs. 25 cr in H1 of FY 21 and Rs. 65 cr in FY 20.  Few such so called TV Anchors (read experts), have no knowledge that finance cost can be incurred on availing working capital finance, which is not a debt.  

Balrampur Chini on 31-3-20 had an inventory of Rs. 2,295 cr (Sugar is a seasonal industry, as mills carry inventory of Sugar, from April to October, on closing of crushing season in April) while had availed working capital finance of Rs. 1,060 cr, with debt at Rs.340 cr. Balrampur, even on 30-9-20, had an inventory of Rs. 885 cr, with NIL working capital finance availed, with Debt at Rs. 300 cr. Even cash and bank balance of Rs. 120 cr was held at 30-9-20 by the company.

Lack of knowledge can make an innocent culprit, or is this the Freedom of Press?

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