CG Power - Turning To Large Cap Soon

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

CG Power scored its maiden century (not out) on 22-9-21, which was stated in our MG of 22nd Sep. We have seen experts talking of stock, having recommended by them, of micro-cap stock (when recommended), becoming small cap, or small cap moving up to mid-cap or mid cap moving up to large caps, in about 24 to 36 months. But we have given one such stock, taking a jump of 4 levels, with a rise of over 22x shown in last 18 months, from a low of Rs. 5 on 31-3-20 to Rs. 113 UC now.

Yes, it is CG Power.

Present m cap of the stock is at Rs. 15,300 cr which will rise to Rs. 17,000 cr on conversion of warrants, into 17.52 crore shares, in the next 6 months. When we gave buy call at Rs. 15 on the stock on 19-8-20, with price target of Rs.100 in the next 12 months, many gave reaction with frowning face to the target.

Now, we expect stock to move to Rs. 150 by warrant conversion due by March 22, and maybe Rs. 200 by September 2022. By then, m cap of CG Power will be at over Rs. 30K cr, with CG having 151.32 crore issued equity shares of Rs. 2 each.

Miles to go for the stock, as journey is seen interesting and profitable for the company, as it will march ahead.
We do not blow our own trumpet, but done for record purpose only now.    

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