Impulsion of Few Members on Q2 Numbers - Showing Futile Over-Enthusiasm

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Last date of declaration of Q2 numbers is 14th November. Hence, 718 results were declared on 12th and 547 results on 13th November, list of which is given by us in free section as well. Obviously, this was the most hectic week for us, as we largely analyse all the numbers, which gives us to pick MB like JITF and CG Power.

But few members here are seen over-acting or over-reacting, by posting queries on Saturday & Sunday, or in 2 minutes of release of numbers, asking our view. Such few members think it as their right, by shamelessly posting such queries, as they treat the expert as 24 hour bonded labour, to eventually get penalised by the Destiny, of their such mis-deeds. Many of these queries on stocks are asked, where quarterly numbers are of no meaning, as they are turnaround cases. CG Power rose from Rs. 15 to Rs. 165 in less than 15 months, while members having reviewed on quarterly numbers, have exited from the stock then.

JITF Infra- Posted rise in income in Q2  to Rs. 230 cr from Rs. 208 cr on QoQ,  with best working capital management. WIP and Non-Current assets rose by Rs. 150 cr, which was funded by loan from associate companies.

Jain Irrigation- Income in Q2 rose to Rs.1,650 cr, from Rs. 1,205 cr YoY, with Loss Before Tax falling to Rs. 93 cr against Rs. 213 cr YoY. Exceptional gain of Rs. 241 cr booked in Q2, on account of Gain of Foreign Currency Note restructuring. Domestic Debt of Rs. 3,968 cr of Term Loan and Working Capital, is pending for restructuring, which may also see exceptional gain in H2. All 3 verticals of Micro Irrigation, Plastic Division and Agro Processing  are seen returning to normalcy, with traction in EBIT Margin seen for all 3 verticals in H1.

Orient Paper- Operational Q2 numbers are seen quite good, with income rising to Rs.143 cr, against Rs. 92 cr, QoQ & YoY, both. However, LTCG on sale of 12.47 lakh shares of Century Textiles were not seen booked. However, these shares got sold in Q2, as can be seen from SHP of Century as at 30-9-21.

So, advice and request to few impulsive members (with no Heart) to allow us as well,  to eat, sleep and rest on week end, as we are also Human Being and not Machines.

Money is not everything in life, while market also rest for 2 days of week end.

This is not a Buy or Sell recommendation, while stock recommendations are provided exclusively to our paid members in the Member Zone.


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