Hemisphere Properties - Media seen trapping retail investors

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Hemisphere Properties touched its high of Rs.102.70 on 31-12-2020. Thanks to one Hindi Business Channel, recommending this as a strong buy in the last week of December. On 29-12-20 share was ruling at Rs.74, rose to Rs. 102.70 on 31-12-20, with delivery volume seen of 54 lakh share on 30th and 74 lakh share on 31st December.  Obviously, big players sold and gullible retail investors bought this Realty stock, lying dull and non operative for the last over 13 years.

East Bridge Capital Master Fund Ltd, a FII, sold 26,70,904 shares on 31-12-2020, on NSE, out of total 161.87 lakh shares held by East Bridge. We cautioned our members to remain away from buying this stock, in our Query section on 30th and 31st December. This shows true colour of Media, who are seen financially destroying the retail investors, by making them indulge in more F&O, buying such stocks by giving an exit to big fish, as also, encouraging to buy Options, which results in losses in over 90% trades.

Readers those who have been victim of buying Hemisphere Properties at high rate, will keep moving in Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern Hemisphere now. Be cautious in future, taking this as an expensive lesson.

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