Hind Zinc - Interim Dividend is on Track

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Hindustan Zinc, on Wednesday, a day after Board Meeting to declare interim dividend was deferred, said that there is no change to its dividend policy and it will adhere to it. This implies that fresh date of Board meeting shall be announced soon.

This is what was stated by us in our BG Call of Vedanta on Wednesday as well. Interim dividend was deferred and not dropped. But media and market experts, present the news in such a manner, as it suit them, due to their vested interests, so as to extract their pound of flesh. Once fresh date of board meeting gets announced, both will change their colour and tone, like chameleon, and may say that fall in share price of Hind Zinc and Vedanta, was infact a buying opportunity, after their purpose having been served, as also, will become an expert in hindsight, to win sympathy of retail investors.

Incidentally, Vedanta also clarified yesterday evening as, This is a speculative story in media with no contribution from Vedanta Limited. As a Company, we have no role to comment on the court proceedings mentioned in this article. Tuticorin matter is sub-judice and we are pursuing legal remedies as prescribed by law.

As such, both are working for Big Fish, and have always treated Retail Investors as Orphaned, to use them to their gains, as seen of caste card being played in the politics.

But now smart retail investors sab jaan gaye hai.

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